Captain Sherwood - Sailing To Saturn takes place in 2258 A.D. The Ecstasy is one of the first commercial cruise ships to tour the solar system as far as Saturn.

With over 200,000 words and over 700 pages, the 3 Part Captain Sherwood - Sailing To Saturn novel is an epic saga and techno thriller that is destined to be talked about for decades to come.

As the reader you immediately start to share the world of Captain Sherwood - Sailing To Saturn  with the guests and crew members, a collection of characters that will quickly grow on you and become part of your world.

In Part 1 you are introduced to The Ecstasy herself and over 40 crew members and over 75 guests who all have a hand in determining her and their fate. You will set sail to Mars, cruise through the asteroid belt and make way to Jupiter.

Captain Sherwood - Sailing To Saturn has everything.

  • Awe inspiring Adventure
  • Riveting, heart pounding Action
  • Humor
  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Romance
  • Intriguing social issues dialogues, debates and discussions
  • Philosophical, religious and spiritual ponderings and revelations
  • Social satire and wit
  • Glimpses of the future
  • A spectacular line-up of lovable, inspiring characters

There is the thrill and adventure of experiencing what it is like to sail across the solar system in a space cruise ship.

Mysteries and suspense start to build quickly keeping you wondering what will happen next and will the guests and crew survive this cruise or will it be the last thing they do.

There are almost too many romantic relationships to count, between guests, crew members, U.S. Marines and even a clonebot of a deceased wife and her owner-husband.

The Ecstasy Find My Love Social Networking system quickly matches up guests with others of similar interests and you are soon enjoying daily conversations of members of the Arts & Crafts Club, The Route 66 Club, the Physics Club and the Civil Rights Club.

At the same time, it won't be long before you feel like part of one or more of the four families The Montagues, The Beechtrees, The McPhersons and The Welch Girls.

And if that's not enough to keep you busy, you will quickly get an insider's view of the senior crew members as they work their magic keeping all of the guests happy and The Ecstasy running.

Enter an entire other world of the ship Marines posted on The Ecstasy to protect the guests and crew from any uninvited guests lurking at the outer territories of the solar system and beyond.

Then it happens and after already taking the guests and the reader to places none of us have ever gone or seen, The Ecstasy is sent on a secret mission beyond the imagination of any guest or crew member.

Follow each guest and crew member as they struggle valiantly to deal with the mystery and crisis of a lifetime and their emotions and their fears and their dreams as they scramble to find a way back home… to earth.

The Ecstasy is a phenomenal balance of fantasy and realism that will have the reader suspending their disbelief and finding themselves experiencing through vivid imagination one of the most incredible journeys and wild cruises imaginable.

"Even though the story takes place millions of miles from earth, this story hits real close to home and to the heart. You won't be disappointed." - Norman John.

Be the next reader to hop aboard for your cruise of a lifetime!

Get your copy today! Now available in paperback, Kindle, nook, iBook and Kobo versions.

Bon Voyage,

Norman John

Author's Log

What are the main differences or changes made from the original novel The Ecstasy?

The main purpose of the rewrite and new title was to present the main story concieved at the beginning of the writing of the Ecstasy without as much emphasis on sex and to make it less offensive to readers offended by graphic descriptions of sex and the "f word". The original inspiration of writing the story was the excitement of writing about a cruise ship traveling to Saturn. After choosing the name of the ship as The Ecstasy, there was a bit more interest in making it sexy and erotic but this was never the original intention or interest of the author. The re-write is presented as an opportunity for a wider audience to enjoy the thrill of this space adventure without worry of being offended by the raw, more adult or mature material contained in The Ecstasy.


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